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At the time I purchased my home, I hired a licensed Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer to thoroughly inspect and repair the gas furnace.  The dealer informed myself and others that there was a sizeable accumulation of dust within the system, however assured myself and others that all components were in fantastic really working order.  He performed a complete cleaning of the inner really workings, lubricated the moving parts, tightened electrical connections and verified the safety of the heat integrity, the dealer tried to get myself and others to invest in a preventative repair plan with his corporation.  I saw no need to spend my savings on the furnace when it was really working perfectly. I planned to periodically call the dealer back to concern shoot the furnace, however I never did. Five years later, the performance of the furnace had significantly diminished. It was running for much longer cycles, failing to keep up with demand, and costing myself and others far more in biweekly energy bills.  There was less heated air coming from the vents, and a greater amount of dust floating around the house. I waited too long to call for repair, and the furnace quit in the middle of a legitimately chilly evening in December. When I called the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer back, I expected him to repeat the cleaning and tuning service. Instead, he found a crack in the heat exchanger. The crack was caused by a buildup of dust in the inner really workings, which led to extended running times, excessive wear and tear, and the furnace overheating.  Because of the high price of a new heat exchanger, it was less upscale to replace the entire furnace. I was totally unprepared for this sudden, huge expense and forced to take out a lake lake house improvement loan. I’m now making payments on the new furnace. I’ve also enrolled in a professional repair plan.

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