I was totally okay with that

My husband and I finally bought a house together. Our house is new to us but it is an old house that needs a lot of repairs. Thankfully, I am handy with tools and have my general contractor’s license.I worked in construction for 20 years before that and have experience. The house we bought is in an established neighborhood. Unfortunately, the people that lived there before us, lived there for 50 years and collected a lot of stuff. We spent the entire first month deep cleaning the house because every room had a terrible stench. Some rooms were saturated in the smell of cats and dogs and others had stale smoke and tobacco trapped in the walls and floors. I finally decided we should seal the floors and walls, effectively containing the stench. As we worked on the house, we found the ventilation system needed repairs too. The ventilation system in the house was falling apart entirely, even in the attic. Whenever we made the mistake of turning on the HVAC system, the house would fill with those horrible smells again. I made the executive decision to install ductless HVAC systems in 2 rooms. The ductless HVAC systems don’t require any ventilation ducting. The ductless HVAC system is also an all-in-one system that’s easy to install. We put a ductless HVAC unit in our bedroom and another ductless HVAC unit in the main living area. Together, keep the house comfortable.