This just won’t work

My partner and I have finally become homeowners! While he and I expected to deal with a lot of new challenges, the last thing either of us were thinking of when he and I finally signed the mortgage was the amount of paperwork the whole process would entail. We have paperwork from the bank, paperwork from the real estate office, paperwork from the insurance business–even paperwork from the village! Our pile grows and grows. Now the first thing on our Beach House Shopping List is a filing cabinet. “And here you and I thought we were going to need patio furniture or a bigger grill,” my partner laughed! However, the central heater is actually our primary concern. This is because my partner and I moved in the fall. Afterall, who wants to move a lot of heavy furniture in middle of a heat wave? While the cooler weather made the move easier, now we’re rushing to get our oil furnace tanks filled before Winter season is upon us. Yet in the meantime, we’re both doing all we can to make sure neither of us overlook anything in this heap of paperwork. Last night, we were studying over our homeowner’s insurance, making a to do list of all that was expected of my partner and I before we filed it away and forgot about it entirely. We found a line that said we would need to get the heating and A/C components checked at least twice a year, and through the business our insurance firm uses! We had to rush to cancel our oil furnace tune-up for next week, only to call this other HVAC business to get it done through them. If my partner and I aren’t careful to maintain the HVAC system to the letter of this agreement, the insurance won’t help us the day it finally dies out.

HVAC maintenance