I will set the HVAC when I’m ready

My girlfriend and I have been getting increasingly perplexed and upset over our lighting bill these past few months. Every week since July, we’ve noticed the light bill continues to go up But now, I should preface with a few things… The two of us have been renting this beach home for over a year… So, we know the way the bills change with the seasons. In usual circumstances, the bill only entirely spikes in the Winter season. She and I physically need the lights on more just to live, since the sun goes down at 3:30. But now the utility bill has gone up almost a hundred dollars! None of our lights are being left on; we’ve checked all throughout the beach home to make sure. Neither of us has bought an air conditioner or anything like that–there’s no obvious culprit that would cause the bill to go higher and higher month after month. Once September hit, my girlfriend asked I would please go down to the basement to get our fall decorations. While I was down there, I wanted to take a closer look at our oil boiler for once. Not only is the boiler 36 years old, but according to the card on the side, it also hasn’t had any HVAC service in five years. While it hasn’t been cold enough to warrant using the oil heater, the beach house still uses the boiler to heat the hot water. Is it possible that this old oil boiler be so outdated that its running up the electricity bill to heat our water? The only way to find out is to get my landlord to inspect the boiler.

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