There’s no need for wasps removal

If you have ever heard the buzzing of a honey bee hive, at it can sound a lot like a small airplane.  This is caused by the fact that there are probably up to 50,000 bees living and working in an active colony.  I am very aware of the sound they make, because we found a colony of larger size living between the siding of our house and inside walls.  The other thing a colony this size creates is a substantial amount of moisture and heat. The colony was located in the walls of a spare guest  bedroom that is rarely used. Because of this, it went undetected for a long time. In fact, I am guessing it was most likely there for the whole Winter season, until I finally noticed it in early May.  I was cleaning under the bed in that room when I heard a humming noise coming from inside the wall. I thought there was a fan running in the room next door. I soon realized that wasn’t the concern. I put my hand against the wall and felt warmth  as well as a slight vibration. I then called our exterminator for help. He offered the name of a guy who is licensed in bee removal. Because of the size of the colony, we were forced to open up the wall. The exterminator was able to removed it, but  then we needed to repair the damage to the wall. We were relieved the damage was halfway covered by our homeowners insurance because it was a costly to repair. The bees were resituated at a honey farm about forty miles away so there is no chance of them coming.  I followed up by going around the house to seal any other openings that might look inviting to a new set of bees.