I will brave the weather

For our mom plus Mom’s wedding birthday, our brother plus I searched for something exciting plus interesting to do as a family.  Both of us didn’t want to spend a fortune or drive a long distance, so we diagnosed activities in the local Tampa area. My brother plus I were rather surprised by the abundance of possibilities available.  Both of us consulted with friends plus neighbors, learn tons of reviews, plus finally decided on a helicopter tour. The tickets only cost us ninety dollar each, plus the trip was unforgettable. It covered the downtown area, plus Tampa Bay plus was narrated by a legitimately proficiency table captain.  Both of us were so interested in the aerial view of Tampa’s most unique buildings, bays plus attractions. As soon as we strapped into our seats, we put on headsets plus took off from the Tampa Peter O; Knight Airport. Both of us then flew over Tampa, Davis Islands, plus Hillsborough Bay. The whole trip was appealingly scenic.  Both of us flew both high plus low for a broad overview plus a more close-up look the Florida Aquarium, the University of Tampa plus numerous downtown skyscrapers. Both of us took a panoramic look at the particular architecture plus waterfront area that is what Tampa is most known for. I was cheerful I’d brought our camera along, because I had the opportunity to capture some spectacular views of the immense homes plus landscaping that line the shores of Davis Islands; As we made the return to the airport, we flew up over the Port of Tampa plus genuinely spotted a half dozen bottlenose dolphins swimming in Hillsborough Bay.

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