This is so great

I cannot fathom that in just two weeks I’ll be going on vacation and getting away from all of this nasty winter weather. Every year, I make it a point to fly down to the south in February to see my family after the holidays.  Everyone in my family has to work a lot, so sadly my stay is never as long as all of us would like, but every day I get to see my folks is really worth it to me regardless of the duration. It’s always a little strange for me though, as I have to switch from my winter boots and a parka to sandals and maybe a light cardigan to wear at night.  However during the day, I no longer have to turn up the control unit to turn on the gas furnace in my house. Instead, I’m increasing the a/c at my parent’s beach home so all of us can stay cool during the heavy midday heat. Instead of seeing snow and worrying about when I have to schedule my next gas furnace fill-up, I’m remembering to reapply my sunblock after I get back into the sun from swimming in the ocean! Sporadically I worry that I’ll catch a cold from the temperature difference, but the awesome heating, ventilation, and A/C plan at my parent’s place keeps myself and my family comfortable! Plus, everytime I come to visit, the central a/c is always working in perfect shape. They never have an AC breakdown, even though they run the machine just about year round, because they get their annual heating, ventilation, and A/C maintenance. This is something they’ve passed onto the whole family as well. Though all of us live on opposite ends of the country now, my parents and their kids still have one particular thing in common: all of us always make sure to book our annual heating and cooling repair appointments so our heating, ventilation, and A/C systems always work perfectly when any of us might need them most.

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