A fantastic looking air conditioner

My partner and I take pride in how clean the two of us keep the inside of our house.  Many people who mop and vacuum constantly and also have no clutter anywhere in sight will forgo consistent dusting and will have a visible layer of it all over their windows, counters, surfaces, and furniture throughout their home.   It will be certainly visible on black objects like TV and kindle screens. In our house, the two of us even keep the surfaces inside dusted at least twice a week. I guess it’s safe to say that calling our apartment “spotless” would not be an overstatement at all, it really is that clean inside.  So when the two of us started finding dust all over the apartment every single afternoon all of a sudden, the two of us both were worried over what the source could be. All of us couldn’t imagine what could have changed since our habits were the same and the two of us were cleaning as constantly as the two of us ever had in the past.  All of us spent numerous seriously stressful weeks speaking to numerous professionals on the PC and using weird chemicals to clean throughout the apartment before the two of us found the source of the problem. Unfortunately, the two of us have our air return for our A/C system right at floor level on a wall near our front door. As I was taking out the trash a few mornings ago, I noticed that a important chunk of the weather stripping that creates a seal underneath the door every time it is shut was mostly torn off and barely still attached to the door.  This effectively created a important half inch thick air gap underneath our front door for dirt and dust to blow in through the night. When your air return is a few feet away and drawing in always, all of this extra dirt and dust goes straight into the Heating and A/C plan and then is sprinkled on every surface as it leaves your air vents. After fixing the weather stripping and cleaning up around the front door for the last time, it seems as though our apartment is finally back to normal.

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