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I am only now finally getting a room of my own, though I have been a writer for over a decade! However a writing room has been something I have constantly dreamed about. Now that I am landing my first big publishing deal, my fiance as well as I have decided that I am finally ready to take up my own section in the condo just for my work. See, between he as well as I as well as our adopted son, I actually need a little more peace as well as quiet to be my jobs done. My debut novel has become a trilogy now that I have this publishing contract. However while this is lovely news, it also means that I now have to get the next 2 novels out on very exacting deadlines. Which, it can be done, but I’ll need to be able to stay focused to do it. I also needed the perfect desk, as well as as my fiance  has found out, I sort of don’t like anything. I don’t like the big wood desks, nor the tiny secretary desks. When I was about ready to throw in the towel, he called a custom made furniture store as well as booked an appointment. I was sad that my advance wouldn’t cover it, however he assured me it was a gift for all of my strenuous work as well as to celebrate this current milestone. Then the custom made furniture store staff helped me build the perfect desk. It is very light as well as airy, so that it suits my tastes. I couldn’t be happier with my custom made desk. It has sites to store my books, as well as even a little spot to prop a notebook while I type things up.