I’d love to hit the club

Let me tell you about my wedding. It is definitely a story you won’t forget anytime soon. The special day had finally arrived and people were filling the church. My fiance and I had invited over 200 people to celebrate this special day with us. The church was decorated perfectly in purples, blues, and greens. Everyone was in their places before the wedding began. As I pulled my tuxedo jacket on I broke into a sweat. I noticed the others in the room were complaining of the room being extra warm. I opened the door and when I looked out I saw people actually fanning. I couldn’t believe it the day of all days and the Air Conditioner and Heater unit stopped working. There are over 200 people in this church wanting to celebrate a happy occasion but only thing anyone could focus on was the heat. My father called a local HVAC company to see if there was any way to get a technician out on an emergency basis to take care of it. We were told not to start the wedding at the time we were going to so he could take care of the repairs and then we could all enjoy ourselves once again. I sent someone back to inform my fiance about what was happening and luckily it only took half an hour to fix the problem and soon the church began to cool down to a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the local A/C technician and the company for working in an urgent fashion to make this day special after all.  

cooling unit