I didn’t want to wait any longer

In our new home our cooling system has not been working properly. I have to decide whether it’s time to repair or replace our central cooling system. I cannot quite decide yet. I have lived in our new home for 10 years & the cooling system had been installed 5 years earlier. Most older cooling systems only last between 12 & 15 years if they have been inspected properly. The more new cooling system’s can last even longer. The Heating & A/C system I have has been repaired a couple of times & our energy bills have risen recently. I contacted our Heating & A/C provider & spoke with one of the attractive specialists who explained our options. She explained that I could replace one part or the other, but after all the possibilities I decided it particularly was best to replace the whole thing. I agreed to schedule an appointment to have a new high efficiency outdoor component installed along with the indoor component parts. I then questioned the specialist to see if he was qualified to take care of what was needed. She had been an cooling system specialist for over 15 years after being certified. She actually had a couple of weird certifications from national testing agencies. I knew after hearing that unique  information that he was expertiseable & I could trust her. I wanted to find out if the current cooling system was the right size for our new home & he explained that the one that had been installed was too small. She took all the information down about the size of our home, the age of the home, how many windows, insulation, & inspected the local energy rates. She also advised that I have an electrician come out & make sure our electrical system was set up properly for a new cooling system to be installed. After speaking to his I agreed it was indeed time for a new cooling system.

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