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My partner and I just moved into a new home! The house’s foundation, its plumbing, electrical utilities, and appliances, everything is completely new. This was the first beach house the two of us had constructed together and designed ourselves. My partner and I picked the architect, plumber, electrician, HVAC installers, and so forth. Building the house took about half the year, and we encountered a number of problems throughout the construction. The HVAC upgrade, while simple and speedy, resulted in more troubles than we had expected. Both of us had decided upon the most traditional central heating and air system because we had heard the classic model was the best around. This might have been correct, if the installers hadn’t fudged up one specific part of upgrade process. Only nine months later, the two of us were alarmingly concern for our HVAC system. One sizzling summer day, the air conditioner completely shut down. After inspecting the HVAC system, we discovered that the circuit breaker had tripped. Initially, I didn’t think it was serious, but then it happened again the next day. This time the HVAC system would not turn on at all. It was completely lifeless. We could smell a faint, burning odor in the air, provoking us to hire an HVAC worker the following day. The HVAC technician realized that our brand new heating and air plan’s wiring had been installed terribly. Apparently, the prior installer had done a lazy job, so one of the wires singed and frayed until it broke the connection, completely shutting off the system’s power. The same HVAC business that provided the worker to check on us had provided us with the original installer, so the dealer assured us that the technician would be disciplined for his laziness.

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