Turning the handle

I have a horrible habit of procrastinating, especially if the action requires paying money. I rent my house, however I’m responsible for maintaining its appliances, even the HVAC system. Week after week, I’d make excuses for spending money anywhere except HVAC maintenance. The weeks turned into months, the months into year, until the consequence of not changing the air filters caught up to me. One sizzling summer day the heating and cooling system stopped working. No shock there. I called the HVAC specialist to inspect the problem. What happened next forever changed my destructive habit. The HVAC worker was disgusted by the moldy air filter and dirt-encrusted coils. He said they were so dirty that the compressor had failed prematurely. The technician said that my HVAC system would’ve had survived far longer if I had regularly changed the air filters and scheduled routine A/C check-ups. Instead, my bank account had to suffer. The amount of cash I forked over for repairs convinced me to never allow myself to be irresponsible with my HVAC system again. I still haven’t completely kicked my procrastination problem, but my temperature control system has yet to forego regular maintenance again.