My current system

When I was in highschool I went to a cheerleading camp every summer. It was widely known how hot it gets at camp. The temperatures would reach in the high 90s. Most of the girls got sunburned and the campsite had no cooling. Due to this we all packed accordingly. We always brought lightweight clothes and brought tons of fans to provide cooling. My senior year of high school was different though. That year at camp it was freezing cold. Nobody had prepared for that severe of a change. All of us packed shorts and tanks. Also, the box fans just took up space in the cabin and were not used. We all agreed that we should have checked the weather and packed space heaters. Each corner of our cabin could have used a space heater. At night our room felt around 50 degrees. The campsite did not provide any heating too. The dining hall was just as cold as our room. Anytime we had an indoor clinic it was not great. We were away from the cold wind, but had no heating. What kind of camp has no heating? I get that they did not want to spring for AC. You can go without AC and deal with fans. But, the campsite had no electric or portable heaters. We all just had to freeze to death at camp. Being too cold was way worse than being overheated. All the first year girls were mad at us too for telling them how hot it was going to be at camp.