No more oil heating

When our husband, Eddy and I first obtained our home, it was heated with an oil furnace. The people I was with and I weren’t delighted about this and right away planned to switch to natural gas. Unfortunately, a lot of other projects took priority. Many of the windows in the home were either cracked, painted shut or leaked a tremendous amount of air. Replacing them all with thermal pane, Energy Star rated windows was a sizable investment. The people I was with and I then realized that the roof was leaking, and there was no insulation in the attic. To save currency, both of us handled all of these repairs ourselves but the cost of materials still added up. The people I was with and I once again tried saving for a modern furnace, but ended up buying a modern dishwasher and making upgrades to the plumbing instead.  After that, I began studying reviews of local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business, looking for a business that specializes in oil to gas conversions. Eddy and I had no clue how extravagant or involved the switch would be. Although both of us ended up taking out a home improvement loan to cover the cost of the project, the investment is paying for itself. Natural gas costs us far less every month. The people I was with and I no longer need to schedule our lives around a delivery schedule or worry about running out of oil. There is an endless supply of natural gas. It’s cleaner, with less of an smell and offers amazing versatility. Since having the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business install gas lines, we’ve switched over to a natural gas water heater, oven and clothes dryer. We’ve added an outdoor family room with a natural gas grill and we’re considering putting in a fireplace and heated swimming pool. Plus, if there’s a power failure, both of us still have access to gas and can continue to run our heater. Converting from oil to natural gas has raised the value of our home and improved comfort and convenience. The natural gas furnace maintains ideal temperature even on the coldest Winter Time evenings.

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