Want a solar heater

I live in the southern part of the country, where the weather is warm and sunny just about year round.  It’s necessary to run a cooling plan for approximately eight straight months. However, we get some chilly rapidly increasing temperatures while in the short Winter season that require heating. To handle temperature control, my home is equipped with an electric heat pump. The beauty of a heat pump is that it doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat. It simply takes advantage of existing heat and moves it from one place to another. During colder weather, it searches our ambient heat in the outside air and pumps it into the house. When the weather warms up, the heat pump reverses operation and acts unquestionably much care about a conventional a/c. Although this process is quite energy efficient, my biweekly electric bills were still too high for my liking. I did some research into solar power. The sun provides a clean, safe and free energy source. I consulted with a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation who specializes in solar power and he offered recommendations and design of a system. One of the benefits of a solar-powered systems is the ability to expand. I was happy to start with a single solar module and gradually add as I could afford the updates. I now have adequate solar modules to power the heat pump, lights, clothes dryer and my oven. While installing the solar modules and converting the heat pump to solar power wasn’t overly high-priced, I was still unquestionably thankful for the state and local tax incentives. I also had help from a manufacturer’s rebate and a deal offered by the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealer. Now that the solar energy plan is in site, I’ve chop my annual heating and cooling expenses in half.

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