The heated floor needs

It seems that whenever people start to write something down on paper, they start out with I remember, when I was young, or something. I know that most of things people have to talk about is from their past. They just don’t seem to know what’s happening in our homes now. It is funny because, when I was younger I would be able to look around and I would find all kinds of ways to stay warm. And not all of those ways of keeping hot were kneeling in front of air vents, adding a furnace vent to a corner that always seems cold, or cranking up a programmable thermostat. We already had our furnace that ran on coal, in addition to our space heaters, but if our siblings and I yelled that we were all too cold, my parents said I had to put on a sweater.  There were also times when Mom would throw us our coats and gloves and then just tell us to get outside to play. My mom thought that if we all got our blood pumping, then the bodies’ natural heating would take over. My mom was right, too, because it didn’t take long for us to get overheated and we would unbutton our coats as we ran around the yard. As much as my siblings and I complained about going outside to play, neither did we want to come back in. Our clothing would be totally soaked through from the snow, and we would all four be red-faced from the cold. When we would all come back inside, we would be all heated from getting our blood moving. I know Mom was right most of the time. It’s just sad that they aren’t here to chase everyone outdoors to play in the snow. Kids these days really don’t know what they are missing.