Want them to check out the heater

My husband and I called to have someone look at our gas furnace as it was for some reason not able to heat our home. ┬áNot to mention, the temperatures outside were dropping by the day! My husband and I called more than five assorted HVAC suppliers, because we didn’t have a lot of currency to waste! We at last found a gas furnace repair company that would deliver us a detailed estimate for the repairs for free. The company was a small mom-and-pop shop that had been in business for decades. The owner himself even came to prepare the gas furnace estimate for us both. My husband and I hoped it would just be an easy fix, however the suggestion was to replace our gas furnace entirely. My husband and I were completely anxious with this comment. We simply didn’t have any extra currency to replace the gas furnace at this time. He and I barely had the currency to pay for the repair appointment in the first place. The owner of the gas furnace repair shop gave us the estimate, and told us to take our time to decide. He even offered to match any other written estimate. My husband and I called a few other places, however they wanted $99 just to deliver us their opinion in person. My husband and I could not afford to buy the replacement gas furnace, so we called to tell the first shop to say no thank you on their offer. The owner of that company asked if we found a cheaper place, however we told them we could not afford to buy a replacement gas furnace at this time. The owner of the gas furnace repair company asked if we would consider setting up a payment plan. We simply didn’t even believe they had a payment plan. He accepted $200 down, and set up weekly payments to finish paying for the gas furnace. My husband and I could not fathom the generosity. The owner of the shop didn’t even make us sign a written contract. I just miss the days when a handshake meant a firm commitment.

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