the wood burning heater

My sibling asked me to baby sit their boys while he and his partner went on a week-long cruise! It was their 10-year anniversary, and they wanted to do something particularly special. I wanted to help too, so I agreed to stay in their loft all week. I had to fly to my sibling’s house, because he lives in another state in the north. Plus where my sibling lives is an area where the weather is particularly icy and cold in the winter. He has an outdoor wood furnace that needs to be kept full twice daily. I would be responsible for filling the wood furnace myself. I wasn’t exactly gleeful about the job, but it was part of the deal if I was to house sit. And when I arrived to my siblings, there was a little bit of snow on the ground already. My sibling showed me how to properly fill the wood furnace, and he explained some of the basics as well. Thankfully there was plenty of wood to last all week, but I needed to fill the furnace in the day and at evening as well. In the daytime, I woke up before the guys and filled the furnace. Then I made breakfast and got the guys off to school. Since I work from home on my laptop, I had no issues taking my job to my sibling’s home. I usually filled the furnace with wood before the sun went down around dinner time. I did not ever like going outdoors when it was pitch black outside. My sibling happens to live in the woods, and there are constantly wild bears, deer, and other critters out in the evening. I had a fantastic stay with my nephews, and all of us managed to make it through the week with no problems. When my sibling finally came home, I was ready to go back to the sun and sizzling air.

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