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One of my friends at work and I were really working on a modern HVAC installation appointment, and the two of us were installing a modern HVAC system in a modern construction building. They were still completing some of the construction process, as well as there was pieces of debris everywhere! I was really working on the kitchen ductwork installation, while my coworker was in another place in the house, then since the construction project was not completed, every one of us could hear as well as see each other while every one of us was busy working. My friend was super busy installing ductwork above the master family room area. I heard a really loud scream from that space of the house. I sprinted down from the ladder, as well as ran into that space of the building. My coworker cut off one of his fingers, when he dropped a piece of sheet metal. Most of the time we have special gloves for handling sheet metal, but he wasn’t wearing them. I didn’t have any idea what to do, as well as I was trying not to pass out. There was red blood everywhere. I picked up the finger, even though it was drenched in drywall dust as well as sawdust. I called my boss as well as got my coworker into the car. I took my friend to the nearest hospital which luckily was only 5 minutes away. I presented them with the finger as well as told them the story. I waited patiently for my boss to arrive, as well as they both disappeared behind the emergency room doors, and a few minutes later, my boss expected myself and others to return to the HVAC installation sight. I was still so surprised, as well as I felt sick, sweaty, as well as nauseous. I wasn’t going to return to that building ever.

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