Heat pump set up for wine

Anytime I need to lift something heavy, do a taxing task or have a horrible project, I call our mother. My Dad is a tank with house repair, then she can sit drywall, grout stone and install a toilet faster than any lady I have ever seen. My mother is amazing and our go to lady for anything difficult. I am convinced that the multiple of us can do any house repair. The most recent project every one of us did was remove the ductwork from our house. For years I had a central Heating and A/C equipment that used ductwork. It has died now and I am planning to get a ductless mini split. I did not want to have ductwork in the house for no reason. I looked up online and ductwork removal looked horrible. Heating and A/C ducts are wide, heavy and made totally of metal. They are officially dirty, odory and the home could fall down if you are not careful. I did not even ponder it for a hour, I called our Dad and the multiple of us got to work. After completing the removal of our ductwork, I can say it was worse than I thought. Removing the ductworks from the wall and ceiling is quite a project. You literally need to take everything down to bare studs in order to access the Heating and A/C ducts. It was such a mess and bad work. I had to stay with our mother for almost multiple weeks since the removal took so long! But, I got the ductwork removed for free and our Dad even made me dinner every night after every one of us worked.

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