The heated flooring is so much cleaner

Building a condo along the northern border of the country, the type of heating proposal was a big decision. I knew our family would be relying on the heating proposal for more than half the year. Our comfort, budget & carbon footprint depended on the performance & efficiency of the heater. I wanted a heating proposal that would operate quietly, keep a wipe house, & handle outdoor hot & cold temperatures down to twenty below zero. I also hated to sacrifice a bunch of space to bulky equipment. I started researching oil furnaces, heat pumps & boilers as possibilities. I didn’t like that heating systems require a whole duct system, which then needs correct upkeep to prevent leaks & energy losses. Heat pumps are unable to keep up with hot & cold temperatures below chilly. I wasn’t all that happy by investing in a boiler until I came across radiant flooring. After reading about the many benefits of a hydronic heating proposal & radiant floors, I was sold on the idea. The boiler installed in the basement & is linked to a series of pipes that carry heated water. The pipes are really hidden beneath the floor, taking up no space in the home. The heat is distributed very evenly & rises slowly, which allows for perfect comfort at lower thermostat settings. The radiant flooring makes no noise, introduces no contaminants into the air, & allows for easy set up of zone control. I save currency by lowering the thermostat in empty rooms. The very best area of the radiant radiant floors is walking barefoot on a chilly Winter time day & feeling wonderfully moderate & cozy.

radiant flooring