We need a new fave

My family in addition to I have a number one restaurant located in town that all of us always take our favorite out of town guests too.

  • All of us rave about the restaurant each day so much that periodically the people all of us take are let down in the end because all of us talked it up too much.

This happened to us when all of us had some friends from college in town visiting us for a while. All of us talked about the restaurant in addition to then took them over to the place a few mornings later! Right when all of us walked in I knew something was totally off because it was easily sizzling in the restaurant. I was already covered in sweat almost when we walked in because it felt like they had the oil furnace running. I kindly asked the waitress at the front if I there was anything they could do to please get the a/c back up in addition to running before the lot of us sat down to eat. The waitress said they had a certified Heating in addition to Air Conditioning tech working in the back to try in addition to have the central a/c back up in addition to running as soon as possible. I quickly told our friends that all of us would have to come back the next day to make sure all of us would unquestionably appreciate the restaurant to its full glorious potential. I think our friends are getting angry about us talking about this wonderful restaurant so much however at this point all of us have to take them back again. I hope that after all of this the restaurant doesn’t again disappoint our friends because that would be pretty embarrassing.