Learning about HVAC in another country

In 2016 I was in Eastern Europe, in a household on the Caucasus Mountains.

This was my first time outside of North America plus my most memorable trip ever.

I was leaning against metal piping underneath a window that just about burnt me. It was as hot as a human can withstand heat before yelling or having a reflex. This is when I came to learn that there are strange types of furnaces. I asked my friend why that hot metal piping was on the walls plus not inside the walls. She easily explained to me that its purpose is for heating their household. The whole process of warm water in a tank with natural gas plus then pumping that hot water throughout a household into radiators was also explained to me. Because I am lucky enough to live in a first world nation where forced air is the primary method of central furnaces, I was truly able to prefer my situation. The country I was in had a peculiar energy grid where individual sources of utilities were basically non-existent. If anybody on the street did not pay their bills, or “stole” water/gas from the city, the local government would have to entirely cut off water or gas to the entire street until somebody would pay the bill. This would happen all the time since the climate was absolutely gelid more than half of the year! When one or the other would be cut off, water would freeze in the pipes causing radiators plus piping to burst. In this region, nobody could cover the cost to just update a broken part to anything. Pretty much nobody could afford to call up a Heating plus A/C device company to send out a plumber or Heating plus A/C business. There were a few areas of town that did not even have any type of heating repair service.

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