We’re lucky to have good HVAC in our own country

In 2016 I was in Eastern Europe, in a dwelling on the Caucasus Mountains. This was my first time outside of North America as well as my most memorable trip of all! I was leaning against metal piping underneath a window that practically burnt me. It was as sizzling as a human can withstand heat before screaming or having a reflex. This is when I discovered that there are bizarre types of oil furnaces. I asked my friend why that hot metal piping was on the walls as well as not inside the walls. He explained to myself and others that its purpose is for heating their dwelling. The whole process of hot water in a tank with natural gas as well as then pumping that hot water throughout a dwelling into radiators was also explained to me. Since I am fortunate enough to live in a first world country where forced air is the primary method of central oil furnaces, I was legitimately able to appreciate my particular situation. The country I was in had a rather strange energy grid where individual sources of utilities were basically non-existent. If a single man on the street did not pay their bills, or “stole” water/gas from the city, the local government would have to deny access to water or gas to the entire street until somebody would pay the bill. This would happen often since the weather conditions was especially chilly more than half of the year! When a single one or the other would be entirely cut off, water would completely freeze in the pipes causing radiators as well as piping to burst. In this region, nobody could simply afford to replace a broken part to anything. Nobody could even afford to call up a Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to send out a plumber or Heating as well as Air Conditioning service professional. Some areas of town did not even have any type of heating repair company available.

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