Working in extreme climate zones

Imagine doing labor intensive work outside dressed in pants, long sleeves, steel toed boots, and heavy construction gloves with the heat index at triple digits.

Then when I began doing this type of work in the Summer of 2017, I was easily vomiting, experiencing chronic heat exhaustion, migraines, and worse.

In the Springtime of 2018 I was working on a current part of a major international airport… The airport required their dealers to set up cooling tents or to provide temporary structures for their workers. At this particular time, my body was entirely conditioned to withstand excessive heat for lengthy periods of time. When I felt the cooling fan inside the tent I nearly went cross-eyed. This was the heavenly time period I looked forward to every single day. This is something legitimately useful to anybody who has an outdoor, labor intensive job position. Those who handle backbreaking work regularly like shoveling, carrying bricks, tree removal, demolition scrub up, paver laying, roofing, or rod busting should have these amazing cooling stations. I actually think that anybody who has performed labor in extreme temperature zones would agree with me on this. This would create all kinds of great jobs for Heating and A/C specialists and open the door for people to start-up their own local Heating and A/C appliance service. Construction sites can be found everywhere and they are not going away anytime soon. If the lot of us had insulated AC tents for all of the long-term projects, the lot of us would be opening a little mini industry. Merely by setting up tents, a/c, and fans, people could start their own corporation with legitimately little currency. Construction workers would have the opportunity to cool down while they were on their breaks as well. Somebody could actually invent their own portable smart AC appliance with universal controls for a boss to cut off the a/c appliance at each of his sites when the break happens to be over.

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