Got a training program set to just me

My sister talked myself and others into joining her gym.

I wasn’t keen on the idea, although she had a special membership card.

Since our sister was already a gold star member, she could join myself and others for a small fee. My sister told myself and others all about the gym, plus she didn’t leave out any details. She told myself and others about the fitness track on the upper level, plus she told myself and others about the pool in the basement. She told myself and others the venue had hours from 7 in the afternoon until late at evening. My sister also said that the personal fitness trainers could work on a special program that was tailored just for me. I thought that it would be an extra fee, plus I was right. Fortunately, it was a much smaller fee than I anticipated. I decided to speak with a personal fitness trainer about a special workout routine. They asked a series of questions, plus talked with myself and others about our exercise habits, diet, plus work schedule. They set up a workout fitness plan, that includes going to the gym numerous times each week. I also have to follow a special meal plan at home. The personal fitness trainer guaranteed results, as long as I stick with the meal plan plus exercise regimen. I’m excited to see if the whole thing works out, even though I’m a bit distraught about changing our life. The current exercise plus diet will be a huge change, however I’m looking forward to residing healthier. I want to live for thirty or forty more years, plus I need to change some things to make that happen.


Personal Fitness Expert