I am very happy living on a houseboat in Tampa Bay

When I was a little kid, I constantly dreamed about my perfect residence.

I easily thought the residence would have several stories, a several-car garage, plus a ton of room for horses, cattle, plus chickens.

I thought the residence would have a nice white picket fence plus several enormous windows in the front. I thought the residence would be high on a mountain, where I could trees for miles plus miles. Now that I am an adult, my reality is quite a bit different than my dream. After my wife plus I got married, we decided to move on to her houseboat. The houseboat is located in Tampa Bay. The houseboat is located in a truly nice marina, plus we are close to shopping, eating establishments, plus entertainment. I never pictured myself living on a houseboat in Tampa Bay, but the place is honestly perfect. At night, when everything happens to be quiet, I can open the window plus look up at the stars… My wife plus I were thinking about traveling with our houseboat, but right now things are really great in Tampa Bay. My wifey works at the marina, plus I task from the houseboat regularly. Even though we are on the water in Tampa Bay, I still get pretty nice internet reception. My wifey works on boats most of the day, while I task online. At night, we pretty much always rest on the deck of our houseboat plus fish in the Tampa Bay. I never knew my life would turn out this way, but it feels sort of like a perfect dream come true. I do not honestly know what the future holds, but I suppose we’ll be together.