All the traffic kept us from the St. Petersburg theater

There are a dozen fun, thrilling, and interesting activities in St.

Petersburg, Florida, however my wifey and I unquestionably enjoyed going to the theater.

St. Petersburg has a couple of nice theaters, and my wifey and I have seen a number of plays such as Rent, Wicked, and Cats. We constantly have fun. Last year, my wifey made reservations to see the symphony orchestra play at the St. Petersburg theater. The two of us had front row tickets, which were just about $200 each. My wifey is an avid fan of symphony orchestra songs, and she played the cello while in private school and college. The two of us never miss the symphony, when it is in town. My wife and I were absolutely thrilled to purchase tickets right up front, where the two of us would be close enough to easily smell the wood instruments. Regrettably, the two of us didn’t make it to the theater in time for the show. My wifey and I left for the theater with plenty of time to spare. The two of us were on the interstate, when a pretty terrible accident occurred. Traffic was backed up for miles, because 2 cars crashed, and the ambulance and fire departments were on scene. The news station reported 2 fatalities. My wifey and I couldn’t exit on the St. Petersburg exit, because of the terrible accident traffic. The two of us were backed up for hours and hours, however by the time the two of us escaped the traffic accident, the symphony had already started. They wouldn’t let us into the theater until intermission. My wifey and I were unquestionably frustrated by the whole turn of events, however, at least the two of us didn’t miss the other part of the show.