I’m roasting to death

If I were able to have a super power, I would have the power of heating and cooling at will. If I ever felt too overheated, I could simply cool myself off just by thinking about being cool – pretty cool, right? There’d be no need to have access to any Heating or A/C system, and I could actually be the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system for the area I happened to be milling around. If people were feeling too hot and sweaty, I could simply radiate waves of cool air to the whole space with my magnificent temperature control powers – like Storm! I suppose I might actually write a book about someone with this superpower, but I’m not sure about the name of the super hero though. HVAC man, maybe? Actually, no. That sounds kind of lame, so I will have to find a better name than that. But just think about how awesome that would be – if the man was after a criminal, he could freeze the ground and the fleeing criminal would slip and fall. Then the cops could arrest the criminal and take him away to jail! If people were suffering from a terrible heat wave, he could cool down the atmosphere to make everyone more comfortable. Everyone would be thankful because they wouldn’t have to rely on their cooling systems so much! Not to mention, this would save people from roasting to death in their homes if their air conditioning systems broke down at an inopportune time. Watch out for HVAC man! I’m telling you, this is the superhero of the future, and everyone would want him around.

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