I’m burning up now

This winter has been pretty hard on my family and I am very grateful that it is finally over. The brutal cold storms plus the snow and ice have wreaked havoc with us on pretty much every level. Speaking for myself I can tell you that I have never been as sick as I have over this past winter. Having to stay inside for days on end with feet of snow falling weakened my immune system to the point of getting sick. At least I think it did, I’m no doctor though. It probably had more to do with the air filter for the furnace being dirty than simply being indoors. I was forgetful about changing the air filter during the fall and by the middle of winter, it was very dusty inside our home. We have three children too and they are germ magnets. Whatever the exact reason all I know is that this winter was the worst for me from a physical standpoint. From a cost standpoint, this winter was also terrible. I had to get the furnace fixed twice and had to have the HVAC technician stop out with the air filter I forgot to change on a third occasion. Overall it was very disheartening from a financial aspect, but I do like the HVAC guy I deal with so at least I was able to put some food on his table. Perhaps during the summer, I will need his services for the air conditioner but I really hope not. I like the guy but I am sick of having to pay him just because the weather sucks.

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