When did the heater get so dirty?

This Winter has been pretty difficult on our family and I, so I’, genuinely happy that it is finally going to end! The brutal chilly storms plus the snow and ice have absolutely annihilated us on pretty much every level. I can tell you that I have never been as sick as I have been this past Winter. Having to stay inside for days on end, with feet of snow falling all around, really weakened our immune systems to the point of getting sick every other week. It legitimately had more to do with the air filter for the furnace being dirty than simply being indoors so often, actually. I was forgetful about changing out the air filter during the autumn months. By the middle of Winter, it was so dusty inside our home that we were suffering from allergy-like symptoms. The people I was with and I have several children too, which are germ magnets! Whatever the reason, this Winter was the worst for myself and others from a physical and financial standpoint. From a cost standpoint, this Winter was terrible as I had to get the furnace fixed twice. I even had to have the Heating and A/C specialist come by with the air filter I forgot to change on a fourth occasion! Overall it was genuinely disheartening from a financial aspect, and I know for sure that I can’t wait until the Spring comes to free us from the clutches of the freezing weather.

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